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House Ciders

B               Cider

Sweet and crisp with a little bit tart, really light in body but very tasty. Would be a good summer drink, sitting on the porch.

D               Cider

N               Cider

Pear is ideal for when you want a cider little outside of the ordinary. Artfully balanced, this cider is light in color and bursting with crisp ripe pear notes.

X                Cider

Looking for some extra bite? Try our green apple cider. This refreshingly tart cider is pale in color with a sharp crisp taste that finishes tangy and sweet with a pucker at the end.

Seasonal Cider

AP Cider

Real pumpkin and apples are combined with seasonal spices to craft this seasonal cider.

AC Cider

Spiked with cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and other spices. Definitely worth a try if it’s still on tap!

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